The goal of the TMS SA-MP server is to try and relive the glory days of SA-MP stunting servers. Do note that the server will never have a command based "boost" that will make your vehicle fly across San Andreas. Is it our opinion that these kind of features ruin 99% of the maps and make the world feel rather small.


While the TMS SA-MP was officially launched in 2018, the first TMS-related SA-MP server dates back to a decade ago, when in 2008, the SU (Stunters United) SA-MP server was launched by Mave and Zezombia. Many projects soon followed: XSU (Extreme Stunters United), SFSF (San Fierro Stunt Freeroam), SA-FE (San Andreas Freeroam Evolution) and SFSFv2.


Scripter: Jstylezzz
Mapper: Mave
Server Manager: Donald


You will need

  • GTA San Andreas version 1.0 (version 2.0 can be downgraded)
  • San Andreas Multiplayer version 0.3.7 (download)
  • Add our IP (server.tms.sx:7777) to your favourites and you're good to go!
  • The server is currently password-protected. The password will be released once we get to the first stable release.


Coming soon...


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